Optimized Solutions for

Regulated Medical Waste

Biohazardous Waste

Biohazardous waste encompasses all waste containing contagious (or potentially contagious) materials, including solids, liquids, sharps, as well as any waste generated from biomedical research involving the production and testing of biological products.

Any waste suspected to be infected requires proper disposal to protect healthcare workers, the general public, and the environment. That’s why we provide a safe, easy, and efficient process to help you manage your biowaste.


Solid Waste

Includes non sharps items contaminated with bodily fluids or biological matter, such as gloves, medical gowns, towels, etc.


Liquid Waste

Includes blood, saliva (especially in dental practices), dialysis waste, and other bodily secretions and fluids.


Sharps Waste

Includes any items capable of piercing or puncturing the skin, ampules, disposable sharp instruments, needles/syringes with or without attached needles, IV catheters, scalpel blades, etc.


Did You Know?

OSHA requires that employees who are regularly exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials undergo annual awareness training.

We’ve Got You Covered

MBS provides a variety of training options and more for your workers, so you can keep your facility safe and compliant.