Safe and Customized Disposal Plans for

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is waste that includes a chemical composition or other substance that arms it with the potential to injure or end life. The disposal of hazardous and chemical waste must be safe, protect human health, and prevent damage to the environment.

MBS’ Hazardous Waste Division is a valuable resource for waste generators who want to combine all regulated waste streams under one company, as we manage virtually every type of hazardous waste.

Hazardous Material Transportation

In addition to our hazardous waste disposal services, we also offer hazardous material transportation. Hazardous Materials are classified by the EPA as non-waste substances or chemicals that pose harm to the public or the environment. You can rest assured that your hazardous products will be secure with our HAZMAT-certified professionals.

We specialize in handling all
types of hazardous waste and
other regulated materials:

Liquid, Sludge, or Solid Waste



Asbestos / Lead

Low Radiation


Get in touch with us so we can find a customized solution for your hazardous waste needs!

Bulk & Lab Packing Solutions

Bulk and lab packing profiling is the process of categorizing and/or inventorying, packaging, and disposing of large and small amounts of chemicals, toxics, and laboratory waste.

Regulations for bulk/lab packaging and hazardous waste label requirements are strict and require expertise in handling material and disposal.

Our on-site team of experts can make bulk/lab packing easy and convenient.

Hazardous Waste Containers

We offer a variety of hazardous waste containers made of different materials, colors, and sizes to meet the needs of your facility. Take a look at our container specs and reach out to us so we can find the right containers for you!

Blue Poly

Clear Poly

Black Steel

Ask the Chemist

We understand every hazardous waste stream is unique to the generator, so we offer access and support from our in-house chemist.

Just send your questions to

Did You Know?

OSHA requires that employees who are regularly exposed to hazardous waste undergo annual awareness training.

We’ve Got You Covered

MBS provides a variety of training options and more for your workers, so you can keep your facility safe and compliant.