Document Shredding

The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires the privacy of protected health information (PHI) be secured. Reasonable protections must be implemented to avoid disclosures of PHI, including in connection with disposal.

Any workers handling this sensitive and private information must be properly trained on the disposal policies and procedures. Rest assured that MBS will handle the disposal of your sensitive documents with great prudence and confidentiality.

Common examples of sensitive
& private information:


Patient Name


Social Security Numbers


Driver's License Number


Debit or Credit Card Number


Diagnosis Information


Treatment Information

Document Shredding Containers

Our document shredding containers will help you keep your sensitive documents safe and your facility compliant. Take a look at our container specs and reach out to us so we can discuss which option is the best fit for your facility!


Did You Know?

OSHA requires that employees who handle sensitive documents undergo training.

We’ve Got You Covered

MBS provides a variety of training options and more for your workers, so you can keep your facility safe and compliant.