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Proper disposal of sharps (items capable of cutting or piercing) is crucial for ensuring the safety of workers who hand-sort waste. An on-the-job needle stick or cut may force janitors, pest control workers, or groundkeepers among others to take preventive drugs with severe side effects.

Sharps waste must only be disposed of using state-approved sharps containers.


  • Seal state-approved sharps containers securely when they reach ¾ full
  • Keep all containers safely out of reach of children
  • Consult your waste disposal team when in doubt


  • Use the drain or toilet to dispose of any sharps waste
  • Use regular trash or recycle bins for sharps waste
  • Use plastic bottles to encase needles

MBS’s Hazardous Waste Division is a resourceful tool for waste generators who wish to combine all regulated waste streams under one company. We manage essentially every type of hazardous waste.