Dialysis Clinics

Let us take care of all your dialysis waste disposal needs, so you can continue to give your patients top-quality care.

Most common waste
produced by Dialysis Clinics:

Optimized waste disposal services for regulated medical waste

Our regulated medical waste disposal services will help you take care of your solid, liquid, and sharp waste with the greatest of ease so you can continue to change the world with your research. Get in touch to see how we can best serve your facility.


Reliable management options for pharmaceutical waste

With the variety of pharmaceutical waste produced, it can be overwhelming to manage your RCRA, non-RCRA, and DEA substances.

That’s why our team of experts will help you find safe and efficient solutions for all your pharmaceutical waste needs.

Secure and compliant document shredding

It’s important to properly dispose of sensitive documents to protect your clients and to keep your workplace HIPAA compliant.

Rest assured that we will take care of all your sensitive document disposal needs with the greatest prudence and confidentiality.


Did You Know?

OSHA requires that employees that handle bloodborne pathogens, pharmaceutical waste, hazardous waste, or sensitive documents undergo training.

We’ve Got You Covered

MBS provides a variety of training options and more for your workers, so you can keep your facility safe and compliant.