Guide to Medical Waste Disposal Services: What to Look For

March 15, 2023by mbs_admin

If you are a healthcare provider or managing a medical facility, the safe and proper disposal of hazardous medical waste is an important consideration. With the help of this guide, you can find out about the regulations for medical waste disposal, identify reliable service providers for your specific needs and ensure proper disposal of dangerous materials.

Learn About the Regulatory Requirements Governing Medical Waste Disposal.

Before you choose a medical waste disposal service, it is important to learn about the relevant governmental regulations that may affect your selection. Depending on your location, these regulations could include rules and guidelines related to identifying and packaging medical waste before transportation and disposal, approval of transport vehicles, and special handling requirements. Make sure you ask potential providers questions about their experience with meeting applicable regulatory requirements.

Evaluate the Severity of Your Waste Volumes

When evaluating potential medical waste disposal services, you should determine the severity of your waste volumes as this will inform you of what kind of service you require. Low-severity waste might include items such as bandages and syringes, while high-severity waste may include materials with biohazards such as HIV or Hepatitis B. Knowing the type and volume of waste will help you choose the right provider who can safely transport and dispose of it accurately.

Choose a Local Provider With Established Operations

It’s important to make sure that you find a medical waste disposal service that is well-versed in local laws, regulations, and procedures. Regulations can vary State by State, County by County, and City by City. Ensure that the service provider abides by the law and has established operations with trained staff and necessary safety measures in place before making a decision.

Check for Credentials and Environmental Certifications

When selecting a medical waste disposal service, always make sure to check their credentials and certifications. Look for a provider that has received certification from an accredited organization like the National Waste & Recycling Association or The Joint Commission. Additionally, look for companies who are actively part of green initiatives and have sustainable waste disposal practices.

Compare Fees, Delivery Times, and Additional Services

Every medical waste disposal service is different, not only in terms of the types of waste they dispose of but also in terms of price, delivery times, and additional services. Before investing in a provider, take the time to compare their fees with other similar companies. Additionally, consider delivery times and additional services such as secure containers or biohazard pick-up options.

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