Compliance & Training

At MBS, we place the utmost importance on workplace safety and compliance with OSHA regulations. That’s why we provide all of our clients with the option to access our customer portal to ensure compliance in your very own work environment.

MBS’ customer portal offers a variety of courses and tools as well as online and in-person training options.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Proper disposal of infectious materials is essential to keeping your patients and staff safe. Our bloodborne pathogens training course will provide your team with the correct disposal methods to keep your facility safe, clean, and compliant.

Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)

The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, or HIPAA, establishes national standards to protect sensitive patient health information. It’s essential for your employees to familiarize themselves with HIPAA regulations to keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently.

Personal Protective Equipment

Having the knowledge and understanding of the kind of personal protective equipment needed for your employees is the first step to ensuring a safe and compliant work process. Our PPE training course will help ensure that your workers are prepared and protected.

Preventing Needlesticks & Other Sharp Injuries

Are your employees properly trained on handling sharps? Rest assured that our sharp injuries prevention course will provide your staff with the proper training needed to help avoid workplace injuries.

Pharmaceutical Waste Identification, Segregation, & Disposal

With the variety of pharmaceutical waste generated, it’s important for public health and the environment to ensure that your pharmaceutical waste is properly segregated and discarded. Our course offers thorough training on pharmaceutical waste identification as a RCRA, non-RCRA, or DEA substance and instruction for proper segregation and disposal.


ICDs are medical codes used among doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies to indicate a diagnosis for all patient encounters. Our portal helps you create online binders to organize your ICDs among departments and allows you to search, view, print, and save them!

Safety Data Sheets

Are you keeping up to date on your SDS binder? Our SDS portal allows you to search, view, print, save, and organize your MSDS/SDS in an online binder easier than you thought possible.

  • Use our chemical database to organize chemicals in your inventory.
  • Don’t see a chemical in our database? You can submit a request form to add a custom SDS to the system!
  • You can also create a new label for your product using an SDS as guidance.

Federal Regulations

We provide a search engine that allows you to find all federal regulations that apply to you. You can view, print, and save your CFRs by placing them into an online binder and separating them by their department.

Safety Plans

Is your office prepared for an emergency? Stay compliant with OSHA requirements and create your own safety plans using our tool! We allow you to complete and edit these plans and make them available to your employees.

My Docs

Upload your own documents and organize them into categories for quick and easy access.


With our Audits tool, you can test your office’s health, safety, and fire hazard compliance with our OSHA audits. You can access your report history and filter your audits to find inspections with non-compliant observations.

  • Our inspections tool allows you to create and manage OSHA audits to test your office’s health, safety, and fire hazard compliance.
  • Gain access to intuitive tracking and analytics to keep track of incident reports.
  • Our Corrective Actions tool helps you keep track of non-compliant observations to help you meet your compliance goals.

My Compliance

The My Compliance Tool provides a clear overview of your OSHA goals. You can also access more details regarding where you are in meeting a goal and where you should be heading.

MBS’ compliance portal offers additional tools and courses as well as these! Get in touch with us today so we can work together to fulfill your compliance needs.