About Us

At Medical Biowaste Solutions, our specialty is providing excellent service for all your waste disposal needs. We focus on providing wide-ranging support for businesses to eliminate waste and headaches! Our team of reliable experts offers affordable pricing, eco-friendly solutions, and a commitment to compliance and safety.


Our Mission

Our mission here at MBS is to provide you with the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective methods to dispose of all your hazardous waste to protect your workplace, the public, and the environment.

Our Values


Reliable Experts

We specialize in full-service solutions, environmentally responsible, regulated medical and hazardous waste collection, transportation, and disposal.


Compliance & Safety

Our waste disposal programs are designed and executed with the highest care and understanding of regulatory and safety protocols.


Affordable Pricing

Our low-cost comprehensive services provide waste management solutions to fit the needs of our clients without long-term contract commitments and other fees.


Eco-Friendly Solutions

To minimize overall waste, we supply reusable containers to help reduce plastics and cardboard from entering our landfills.


Our Strength

In contrast to our competitors, we provide our services with a family-oriented approach. We take time and care to evaluate your needs to provide the best service possible.


Our market network continues to grow as we open new service facilities nationwide. Get in touch with us to find a service facility near you!

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